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we capture stories. and tell them using photos. Weddings are milestones in peoples lives. The moments we capture become family relics, possibly one of the most cherished album's in our clients homes. Telling a story that will be seen and felt through our images for decades to come maybe even centuries, wedding photography is not simply "work" to us. The responsibility is met through our dedication. The art we create is our pride and joy, as if we signed each and every photo produced as a filmstory-photo original. Its all about our brides and grooms, and their families. Our images hold energy. Feelings, emotions, memories. Filmstory Photo images are alive.

filmstoryphoto is a boutique photography studio run by Deep Singh. a seasoned photographer with a decade of professional experience in the field. Deep shoots with an editorial touch mixed with the right amount of creativity. His craft as an artist is consistently evolving, always creating something new. Being a wedding photographer is about telling stories of love and joy.

deep singh - photographer

Simply put — we love, love

capturing. documenting. moments, emotions, stories, memories.

Photography is a very special thing. It can be used for a variety of purposes. My purpose as a wedding photographer is to create stories that will last forever. Essentially timeless, ever new.

"there is only light, and absence of light. a camera simply captures light. you are light. everything is light." photography is a conversation with light.

Currently based in Toronto, Canada, available worldwide.

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We chose to go with filmstory photo as our wedding photographer, after coming strongly recommended.

From day one to the final project, Deep showed the utmost care, professionalism and diligence. We received our pictures 3 months after our wedding, as promised. He also went above and beyond and made us a custom-made wooden box engraved with our names and our wedding hashtag. That speaks to his dedication and customer service.

Karan & Suman

Deep did such an amazing job during my wedding week. He was so accommodating and helpful. Even with all the changes Covid brought on, he was right there with us working through it all, making sure we got our dream wedding! His attention to detail is impeccable and he was able to deliver our wedding photos very quickly.

Gurjiwan & GUrlin

We loved working with filmstory photo for our wedding and photo shoots! We felt so comfortable working with him, he was respectful & attentive to detail. We loved how he went the extra mile to make sure everyone at the wedding was captured in film ! We whole heartedly recommend him for photography services !!